"It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with an agency that possess proven, relevant and reputable experience

in a program design, implementation, and evaluation of numerous projects in education with literacy and mathematics components. Moreover, we are glad to see that your engagement goes beyond profit making goals and you seem to be genuinely committed to the work you do."

Andrea Žeravčić, Director, Save the Children, Bosnia and Herzegovina



"It was great working with MWAI. Your bright spirit and, most importantly, expertise helped in the formation and consolidation of the group and in building their capacity."

Liudmila Lefter, UNICEF, Moldova



"The CARE evaluation was a complex project with very short timelines. I felt supported and encouraged by MWAI. With both CARE Honduras and UNICEF Oman, the reputation that MWAI has with the country offices and participants is excellent. Working relationships have been cultivated, and consultants feel a keen responsibility to foster those relationships and MWAI’s reputation for outstanding service delivery."

Lynn Evans, MWAI Senior Literacy and Gender Consultant



"Over the ten years that I have worked and collaborated with MWAI, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the MWAI team, the creativity they bring to their work and their dedication to education development."

David Chapman, Birkmaier Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Minnesota



"Working with Miske Witt is a unique experience. While international development providers become increasingly focused on the bottom line, Miske Witt has maintained a focus on equity and concern for the stakeholders who benefit from projects. MWAI has purposefully remained small and focused. This helps to ensure that MWAI's mission to engage in projects in meaningful and socially conscious ways is present in every project."

Christopher Johnstone, Director of International Initiatives and Relations, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota



"MWAI's strengths are based on values that permeate every project - belief in the rights of all children, respect for local expertise and contexts, and conviction that every girl and boy in every country deserves a quality education. These values come to life in MWAI's emphases on customizing their work for each country and context, building capacity throughout educational systems, and applying current, international research in education and leadership to their project design, collaborative relationships, and facilitation. Most importantly, MWAI gets results the firm has successfully helped over 30 countries achieve their educational development goals. I am proud to be associated with MWAI."

Jan Westrick, Ed.D., Professor of Education, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana USA