Miske Witt & Associates has contributed through publications and presentations to the global conversations on Comparative and International Development Education since 1997. The list below illustrates the range of journal articles, book chapters, reports for international agencies, monographs, speeches, conference and meeting presentations we

have prepared and published.

Gender Equality and Education

UNGEI Background Paper for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2013/14: Gendered Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (S. Miske, 2013; New York: UNGEI)

Limits of and possibilities for equality:  An analysis of discourse and practices of gendered relations, ethnic traditions, and poverty among non-majority ethnic girls in Vietnam. (J. DeJaeghere & S. Miske, 2009; Bingley, England: Emerald)

Transition to Post-Primary Education with a Special Focus on Girls: Medium-Term Strategies for Developing Post-Primary Education in Eastern and Southern Africa. (K. Monkman, Y. Yershova Hydrie, and S. Miske for Miske Witt & Associates, 2007; Nairobi, Kenya: UNICEF ESARO)

Post-Primary Education in Ethiopia: A Situation Analysis (S. Miske, 2011; Addis Ababa: UNICEF Ethiopia)

The Transition of Ethnic Minority Girls in Vietnam from Primary to Secondary Education. (S. Miske, J. DeJaeghere, and Research Centre for Ethnic Minority Education Researchers, with S. Miric, 2008; Hanoi: UNICEF Vietnam)

Child Friendly Schools

Child Friendly Schools in the FYR Macedonia: A Case Study (S. Miske, 2009; UNICEF New York)

Child-Friendly Schools – Safe Schools (S. Miske). Keynote speech to the 2nd International Symposium on “Children at Risk and in Need of Protection” sponsored by the Grand Assembly of Parliament, the Security General Directorate, the Ministry of National Education, and UNICEF.  Parliament Building, Ankara, Turkey. April 24, 2010.

Ghana Child Friendly Schools Assessment Tool Pilot in Savelugu and Kwahu North Districts (Miske Witt & Associates, 2012; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

Developing Standards for Quality Basic Education in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Miske Witt & Associates, 2010; Shoreview, MN: MWAI)

MWAI Child Friendly Schools monographs: “Democratic Participation”; “Gender Responsiveness”; “Health, Safety and Protection”; “Inclusive Education”; “Teaching and Learning Effectiveness” (Miske Witt & Associates, 2011; Shoreview, MN: MWAI)

Inclusive Education

Achieving Inclusion: Transforming the Education System of Trinidad and Tobago – Final Report, Inclusive Education Component of the Seamless Education Project (Miske Witt & Associates Inc., 2008; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

Model of Costing of Inclusive Education in Serbia: A Case Study of 10 Municipalities for UNICEF (Miske Witt & Associates Inc., 2011; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

“Inclusive Education” – Child Friendly Schools monograph (C. Johnstone for Miske Witt & Associates, 2011; Shoreview, MN: MWAI)


The Power to Lead Alliance (PTLA): Empowering Girls to Learn and Lead – Final Evaluation Report for CARE USA (Miske Witt & Associates Inc., 2011; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

Innovation through Sport: Promoting Leaders, Empowering Youth (ITSPLEY) – Final Evaluation Report for CARE USA (Miske Witt & Associates Inc., 2011; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

Achieving Our Goals and Transforming Our Schools: Best Practices in the Malawi Teacher Training Activity (N. Kendall for MWAI, 2008; Washington, DC: American Institutes for Research)

“Out of the Box”: A Formative Evaluation of Active Learning Policy and Practice – Final Report for UNICEF Azerbaijan (C. Johnstone and L. Burton for Miske Witt & Associates, 2013; Shoreview, MN: MWAI)