Services We Offer

Professional Development and Training

Miske Witt & Associates designs professional development activities with participants’ needs in mind. From workshop planning through evaluation, Miske Witt consultants continuously adapt their training approaches to meet the stakeholders’ needs. We use interactive methods that engage participants and build their capacity for turning new skills into action. As a result, workshop participants consistently report high levels of preparation and success at implementing new knowledge and skills.

In partnership with UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2012 Miske Witt consultants facilitated the development of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for Literacy. In 2013, MWAI partnered with Save the Children to design and deliver a series of four one-week workshops to teachers and teacher educators. MWAI trainers taught participants how to translate the SLOs into classroom instructional practices and how to conduct similar workshops for teachers in their canton. As a result, in 2014 more than 1,200 teachers in Zenica-Doboj Canton have received training on how to implement the SLOs in their classrooms to improve the quality of teaching reading and writing skills to children from early childhood through secondary school.