Literacy and Mathematics

Teacher Professional Development for Improved Student Learning in Literacy and Mathematics

“The quality of an education system is only as strong as the quality of its teachers” (McKinsey, 2007). MWAI embraces

this statement wholeheartedly. High quality teachers who lead and participate in Teacher Professional Development activities advance education internationally and contribute to improved student learning outcomes. MWAI Teacher Professional Development initiatives include instruction on research-based knowledge about child centered pedagogy, content knowledge, the creation of instructional materials, and student assessment. Literacy and mathematics are

central to children’s learning and form a core part of the school curricula. MWAI consultants facilitate dynamic trainings

in these content areas in particular.




MWAI experts have trained teachers, teacher educators, and teacher supervisors in Malawi, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We integrate theoretical knowledge with research and practical applications to engage teachers and teacher trainers intellectually and to prepare them to design effective lessons. MWAI consultants give special attention to instructional practices and to assessment strategies, using a coaching model in which participants both teach and learn from one another – and use this model to build professional learning communities.