Services We Offer

Instrument Development and Data Analysis

Miske Witt & Associates Inc. provides high-level expertise in quantitative and qualitative data analysis by utilizing relevant analytical strategies to answer the key questions. Consultants regularly consult with the partner organization to validate the results and ensure accurate interpretation of data. Furthermore, reports include well-developed and clearly stated findings that are easily understood by a variety of stakeholders. The reports provide guidance to organizations in planning future activities.

In 2012, MWAI revised and developed a Gender Equitable Index (GEI) and a Youth Leadership Index (YLI) and piloted Common Indicator Framework items for CARE USA. The Common Indicator Framework measures Attainment, Equality, Quality, and Empowerment in ducation. MWAI consultants, with CARE staff, piloted the instruments in Bangladesh, India, and Burundi with over 3,000 participants. MWAI assessed the reliability of each instrument in the various cultural contexts and made recommendations for instrument utilization in the field. As a result, numerous organizations and individuals have begun to use the GEI and the YLI in adolescent programming in order to assess impact of gender equity and youth leadership projects.