Gender Equality and Education

Gender equality is central to educational quality and equity. Enabling stakeholders at all levels to understand, embrace, monitor, and even measure gender equality in education is a priority area for Miske Witt & Associates. We have contributed to international conversations about girls’ education, gender parity, and gender equality in education since 1997.

MWAI consultants promote gender-responsive school environments through the Child Friendly Schools approach. In partnership with bilateral and international organizations, we develop instruments and methodologies to monitor and conduct research on gendered dimensions of teaching and learning in the classroom, on gender-based violence, and on improving access to schooling for marginalized girls and boys.



MWAI supports work on girls’ education, gender parity, equity, and equality at all levels. In 2013 we prepared UNGEI’s (United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative) background paper for the Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2013/14. The paper synthesized existing research, highlighted critical issues of girls’ education and gender equality, and provided an overarching framework for understanding the role of gender in teaching and learning. At the grassroots level, we have developed instruments to understand and measure gender equity in classrooms, schools, and communities, and we have evaluated girls’ education initiatives that work to empower girls and women.